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School at Shodair Children's Hospital

Education Services School is a significant part of a childís life. For some children, school is a stressor. Our effort is to provide education along with consideration of factors that resulted in the childís admission. School at Shodair is accredited by the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools and is scheduled year-round. This allows students an opportunity to work in academic areas as needed or make up missed credits. Recreation and music therapy are provided, as well as visits twice a month by therapy dogs. The dogs provide an agility demonstration in the fall for Shodair students.

School on the Acute Unit

School on the Acute Unit at Shodair is a non-traditional, alternative learning environment. Activities are designed for children from three years of age to 17, all in one setting. Children need to develop specific skills in order to meet behavioral expectations, function socially in school, and be a learner in the school setting. Patients participate in academic activities designed to promote social skills, language skills, executive skills, cognitive skills, and emotion regulation.

The activities are hands-on and group based in order to promote a positive school outlook and to develop social and emotional skills for success upon the studentsí return to his/her community.

School work can be provided by parents or guardians at any time for their child, so the child does not fall behind in his/her home school while at Shodair. Homework can be completed during school blocks with help from the teacher, in the childís room at leisure, or at other times during the day when the teacher is available.

School on the Childrenís Unit

The Childrenís Unit has two full-time special education teachers and one teaching assistant to meet the childís educational needs. The childís academic abilities are assessed unless similar testing has been administered within the previous year. The student is provided individualized educational tasks to best meet their educational needs.

Shodair educators are responsible for contacting the childís previous school every two weeks to keep school administration updated on the childís progress. Receiving schools are also encouraged to attend other educational meetings that may be scheduled while the child is in Shodair: Child Study Team meetings, Individualized Education Program meetings, and treatment team meetings. When the student is ready to discharge, education staff will arrange an exit review conference with the childís multidisciplinary team to ensure the most positive transition possible for the child to a public school setting.

School on the Adolescent Units

Shodair middle school and high school residential units have two classrooms per unit, staffed by two certified special education teachers and a teacherís assistant. Students will be tested to identify their educational needs. After assessment, the student will be provided materials to meet their needs as well as continue to earn credit for school. Students use computer assisted instruction (PLATO) for a variety of subject areas and other instructional materials at the studentís ability and interest level.

Teachers will be in contact with the childís home school twice a month as well as with the childís parent to provide information about his/her progress. They will hold meetings to update and review important educational plans for each child, such as the Individual Educational Plan and the Child Study Team. Teachers also participate in monthly treatment teams to provide information on the studentís progress. They coordinate an Exit Review Conference near the end of the studentís stay with school and other providers who need to be aware of how to help the child transition to school outside of Shodair.

For more information, contact:
Shodair Director of Education
Keith Meyer
(406) 444-7564
Fax: (406) 444-1005