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Genetic ServicesClinical Services

Brother and sister sittingShodair Children’s Hospital’s nationally recognized medical genetics department provides genetic evaluation and counseling to citizens throughout Montana. The Medical Genetics Program offers comprehensive services to individuals with genetic conditions or concerns about their risk to transmit or develop a genetic disorder. The program is sponsored in part through funding from the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services.

The Clinical Genetics Department at Shodair provides counseling to individuals and families concerning actual or potential inherited defects and/or conditions in the individual, his or her children, or other relatives. Emotional support is provided on an ongoing basis.

To schedule an appointment at one of the outreach clinic locations, call Shodair Children’s Hospital toll-free at (800) 447-6614 or at (406) 444-7500.

Tremendous advances are being made in understanding cancer genetics. Pre-symptomatic testing is available for many types of cancer, including breast, colon, ovary, and eye cancer. Understanding genetic or environmental factors involved with cancer development may help to prevent the onset of cancer or allow early detection and therefore a greater chance for a cure.

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome/Effects (FAS/E) is the most common cause of intellectual disabilities in America today. Shodair provides comprehensive diagnostic, counseling, and follow-up services, with referral to appropriate agencies.

The counseling staff at Shodair Children’s Hospital is professionally trained to analyze the medical history of the family, perform a physical examination if needed, and provide interpretation of diagnostic test results.

The Clinical Genetics Department provides services to patients of all ages throughout Montana.